About Me

Incase it wasn’t obvious from the homepage, I’m Kushaan! Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 8.47.30 AM

A tech marketer in the Bay, I aspire to connect people to the beauty and meaning of consumer products through marketing.

I’m excited to bring my passion for marketing to life at Livongo, where I’m part of a team focused on lifecycle marketing, experimentation, and driving engagement for our generational digital health products.

My career has taken me from consulting to product teams, giving me a neat glimpse into the hopes, needs and dreams of stakeholders all across an organization.

Things I love thinking and writing about:

🎡  Lifecycle marketing, engagement, and building customer journeys

📈  Principles and new developments in the growth marketing world

📚  Unconventional career advice and frameworks for marketers

🧠  Cognitive biases, social psychology and irrational human behaviors

📲  Intersection of marketing and new technologies (i.e. machine learning)

✍️  Copywriting and content funnels for new, untested products

🎨  Positioning, storytelling and brand design for new products in market

🤳 Consumer social apps and evolution in consumer engagement

🤷‍♂️  Hypotheticals and thought exercises for brands and ideas struggling to market

I’m a graduate of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, love Terp sports, and love staying in touch with students and aspiring marketers there.

Outside of marketing, I’m a Boston native, big fan of most sports (especially the NFL and NBA) and also a big fan of well-made California burritos. Here’s my tentative list of the best burritos in the SF mission 🌯

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