I currently work at Teladoc Health on our retention growth marketing team and am also an MBA Candidate at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

As a graduate of Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, I found my bearings in consulting and product before landing in marketing.

Outside of marketing, I’m a big Boston sports fan, a regular at Taco Bell and the Trader Joe’s cheese section, a connoisseur of the arts (especially theatre!) and a sucker for well-made California burritos. (Here’s my tentative list of the best burritos in the SF mission! 🌯)

What I Think About Often

🎡  Lifecycle marketing, engagement, and building customer journeys

📈  Principles and new developments in the growth marketing world

📚  Unconventional career advice and frameworks for marketers

🧠  Cognitive biases, social psychology and irrational human behaviors

📲  Intersection of marketing and new technologies (i.e. machine learning)

✍️  Copywriting and content funnels for new, untested products

🎨  Positioning, storytelling and brand design for new products in market

🤳 Consumer social apps and evolution in consumer engagement

🤷‍♂️  Hypotheticals and thought exercises for brands and ideas struggling to market

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