Now Page

Updated July 2021.

This is a Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Where I’m Working

I’m still working at Teladoc full-time on their Growth Marketing team. If you’re interested in the digital health world, join us!

What I’m Reading

While I’m not currently reading these in this order, these are books I’ve started recently that are all still in progress and on my radar. To see what I’ve finished recently, check out my Goodreads and let’s be friends!

  • Making of a Manager – Julie Zhuo
  • Friendship in the Age of Loneliness – Adam Smiley Poswosly
  • Noise – Daniel Kahneman and Cass Sustein
  • How to Change – Katy Milkman
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Think Again – Adam Grant

What I’m Writing

Writing mostly on my newsletter here but also working on a new writing project focused around growth and marketing lessons.

What I’m Watching

I just recently finished the new Pixar movie Luca and In The Heights, as well as watching The Shining for the first time while I was in Colorado. Planning next to start the second season of Dave and start Succession on HBO!

(Also, did watch a fair amount of trash reality TV recently too, no regrets..)

What I’m Listening To

Nothing for now. But podcasts to be updated soon!

What I’m Learning

I’ll soon be going back to school at the end of July and wanted to add in this new section to the ‘Now’ page to update it with current classes and learnings of note. Stay tuned!

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