What I’m Doing Now

Updated March 2021.

This is a Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Where I’m Working

I’m still working at Teladoc full-time on their Growth Marketing team. If you’re interested in the digital health world, join us!

What I’m Reading

  • Obviously Awesome – April Dunford
  • Think Again – Adam Grant
  • Atomic Habits – James Clear
  • The Dynasty – Jeff Benedict
  • Range – David Epstein

I usually don’t stick to a strict schedule of reading but will try and update this list monthly. Also plan to share some of my favorite reads in marketing, coming to this site soon!

What I’m Writing

Writing mostly here but also working on a few miscellaneous pieces that I’ll post here and/or share on Twitter. I also recently completed the On Deck Fellowship Program for writers and am currently involved in the Compound Writing Fellowship.

What I’m Watching

Slowly making my way through For All Mankind on Apple TV, a new show about an alternate history to the Moon Landing. Also making my way through the Oscar-nominated movies, just finished Minari!

What I’m Listening To

Nothing for now. Looking for a new podcast soon!

What I’m Building

Nothing for now. But still taking regular chats with startup founders looking for some marketing inputs!

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