Now Page

Updated January 2023

This is a Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Where I’m Working

I’m working at Grammarly full-time on their marketing team. If you’re interested in the growing world of communication and AI, come join us!

What I’m Reading

I’ve made it a 2023 goal to read 24 books (2x a month) by the end of the year after two very lackluster years of reading. While I’m not currently reading these in this order, these are books I’ve started recently that are all still in progress and on my radar.

  • The Beckham Experiment – Grant Wahl
  • Facebook: The Inside Story – Steven Levy
  • Platonic – Marisa Franco
  • Prove It – Melanie Deziel
  • Everybody Writes – Ann Handley

To see what I’ve finished recently, check out my Goodreads, and let’s be friends!

I also just shared a year in review in my newsletter on newsletters and writing pieces I’ve recently enjoyed, as of this month.

What I’m Writing

Writing mostly on my newsletter here, on Medium here, on Sprout Social and excited to write more in 2023 on this blog.

What I’m Watching

Currently watching Severance on Apple TV, Dead to Me on Netflix, Abbot Elementary on Hulu and with plans to start Kaleidoscope on Netflix and watch The Menu on HBO.

Just recently finished White Lotus and Glass Onion, both of which I enjoyed a lot!

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